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Hidden Stories™



'This is my Halo, these are my Wings, any doubts?'

You shine brighter than light, and take on new heights,

you are an angel dressed in earthly clothes. 

 This 'Halo Wings' pendant is to be worn with pride,

as a reminder of your true celestial identity. 

Radiate incessantly in this unassuming piece. 

Available in 14K vermeil,

with two scintillating lab diamonds. 

This collection is patented and

exclusively available at Bloomtine. 


 Handmade by our expert craftsman with love. 

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Bloomtine was conceived after seldom finding extraordinary playful jewellery conveying exceptional messages, all while remaining affordable.

We create jewellery using precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones. 

Extraordinary handmade pieces available, exuding an abundance of love. 

Welcome to our world.

At Bloomtine we appreciate dainty, durable jewellery, in particular jewellery that holds sentimental value to the wearer. We believe ...

 Jewellery should serve as a timeless reminder, evoking emotions such as gratitude and nostalgia

Do you believe in magic?

If yes, we've been waiting for you for what seems like eternity, welcome home earth angel!

There is magic in the messages our jewellery conveys, if you don't believe us browse the collection.


A Sustainable Future






Our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free! Yet, we want to offer you sustainable options too.

With industry advancements it is possible to source Lab diamonds. Diamonds identical to mined diamonds to the naked eye - but without the environmental impact.

In line with our pledge to endorse sustainable options in 2020, we successfully launch a sustainable range of jewellery in 2021 using lab grown diamonds and vermeil.


All Sustainable jewellery will be clearly tagged as sustainable. 

The power is really and truly with you