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'Where there is LOVE, there is MAGIC'. At Bloomtine we believe the essence of life is to love. Gift this Mini Heart Sterling Silver Silk Cord Thread Bracelet to someone you feel exudes an abundance of love - the ultimate token of appreciation.


This elegant sterling silver bracelet with silver silk thread contains approximately 6 lab-grown moissanites that refract light to create a mesmerising sparkle. This token of magic is durable and made to endure the test of time.  One Size Fits All. 


Handmade Using Sterling Silver by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans © Design Copyrighted


BLOOMTINE Create the Perfect Gift Jewellery. Gift this Necklace to Someone You Absolutely Adore


Available in One Universal Size (5.75 - 6.5")

Mini Heart Sterling Silver Silk Cord Thread Bracelet



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