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What do we mean by magic?


Our jewellery is overflowing with magic! and ever so splendid. You’ll find yourself feeling  empowered and invigorated just after a glance. Where does our magic come from? We use our intuition to drive our creativity. When our jewellery is received alongside the accompanying message the wearer will experience the purity and love with which it was created. From our experience well intentioned jewellery is powerful.


Philanthropic Institution 

We endeavour to give away a set proportion of our profits to support the elimination of suffering and injustice. Please see our commitments section for further details. 

Cultivating Creativity 

Bloomtine® endeavours to encourage creativity, embracing unique stories, different cultures, diverse belief systems and nature in an effort to produce jewellery that embodies meaningful messages. We believe jewellery should serve as a timeless reminder, evoking emotions such as gratitude and nostalgia. This is precisely why every Bloomtine collection conveys a unique message. Bloomtine envisions a world where value is placed on the weight of the message, and the gratitude felt during the act of giving and receiving. 

Good Business Ethics 

We want to change how business is done! We've never been ones for hierarchy, we prefer teaming! We want to remove rigidity completely from our organisation. We are constantly seeking feedback from our team and endeavour to create a flourishing environment for all, and hope to inspire other organisations to do the same. 

We would like our legacy to be one that shifts perceptions, behaviours and challenges existing norms. At Bloomtine we believe "we do not need a lot, just a little of the right stuff", and this is exactly why our jewellery is made to last. Why not make it an heirloom? We do not encourage excessive consumerism, we hope you will find something with us that resonates with you today, tomorrow and forever - an eternal message.

Bloomtine jewellery represents a choice to live life that is true to you, and to its full potential, as though you are forever in full bloom.


Our Story, Our World 


Do you believe in Magic? We do! You'll feel it most when reading the messages accompanying each collection

We are an aspiring Philanthropic Institution , cultivator of Creativity and purveyor of Good Business Ethics

"... A legacy is not built as a result of one act, but by a series of seemingly insignificant acts, and the consistent delivery of our commitments ...

our legacy will be one that changes work place practices, and gives back to the world as a whole ..."

After seldom finding affordable, durable and intricate jewellery that conveyed a deeper message, Bloomtine® was born!

We began as a small team of determined women looking to serve our beautiful earth angels, now we have an international team operating in five countries. 

Our jewellery is wonderfully whimsical, and the accompanying messages are timelessly profound. Made with the intention of evoking emotions such as gratitude and nostalgia.

Bloomtine appreciates the want for discrete, durable jewellery that holds sentimental value to the wearer and conveys more than the appreciation for finer materials. 

We work with precious and semi-precious natural stones, and offer lab grown diamonds as an alternative to mined diamonds as part of our sustainable range.

We use white, yellow and rose gold, and sterling silver alongside the finest craftsman with a contemporary fashion-forward edge.

 Designed to be versatile, each piece is an example of the multifaceted innovation within the storied fine jewellery category globally.

Our Establishment, Designers & Experience 

Our bestsellers range from our 'Halo Wings pendant' which is part of our Hidden Stories collection through to our 'Eternal Bloom Earrings', which is part of our Eternal Bloom collection. You will find our designs unique, playful and we hope sentimental to you.

Our team have a natural flare, creative imagination and an innate love for nature. We encourage our team to work in ways that best channel their creativity.

Our designers endeavour to bring more beauty into the world and enrich lives further by developing empowering, inspiring designs with meaning.

Our jewellery is made with ethical gold and conflict free diamonds or lab grown diamonds. Most of our jewellery is handmade 18K solid gold, 14K solid gold and sterling silver/vermeil.

 We are keen to embrace sustainable ways of living, therefore offer most of our existing jewellery with the option of natural diamonds or synthetic diamonds. 

Bloomtine embodies four core values: Love of Creation, Teaming, Philanthropy and Authenticity.  

Our brand and culture places value on giving back and making a positive impact on our planet. Hence, pledge a set percentage of all profits be reinvested into charitable causes. 

Bloomtine strongly believe in community, hence we have created a members club, whom we regularly invite to launch parties and afternoon tea.​


We believe our purpose is to propagate beauty; what better way than through jewellery! 

Here the sky is never the limit! Your imagination is boundless!​.


Our Jewellery is designed in our West London Studio by our in house team. 

Our copyrighted designs cannot be found elsewhere, and come paired with extraordinary messages unique to each collection.

Our designs are iconic yet elegant, they can be worn as stand alone pieces, alternatively are discrete and versatile enough to be layered.