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Our Story, Our World 

Do you believe in Magic? We do

At Earth Angel Hq we are on a mission to honour the divine feminine and remind our earth angels of their celestial identity. 


You'll feel magic while wearing our jewellery and reading the accompanying messages, which are timeless, profound, and written to evoke emotions such as gratitude and nostalgia.

Our jewellery is sustainable, spiritual and season-less. It's designed in our West London Boutique and handmade by a small group of specialised artisans. We use predominantly lab-grown diamonds and moissonite with sterling silver as our base metal of choice covered in vermeil. Also, we stock a small range of fine-jewellery using 14K / 18K gold

Our jewellery is ever so splendid

We use our intuition to drive our creativity. When our jewellery is received alongside the accompanying message the wearer will experience the depth and love with which it was created. From our experience well intentioned jewellery is powerful.

We have been making jewellery using sustainable methods since inception, it's inline with our core values - we're earth angels through and through! See our commitments section for further details. 

We believe jewellery should serve as a timeless reminder, evoking emotions such as gratitude and nostalgia. This is precisely why every Bloomtine collection conveys a unique message. 

We shifts perceptions, behaviours and challenges existing norms. Our jewellery is made to last, you will find something with us that resonates with you today, tomorrow and forever - an eternal message.



You've made it this far ...
Are you an angel incognito?


Of course you are! Since launching we have been approached by the likes of TATLER, GLAMOUR and many more mainstream media outlets. We have also been approached and stocked by multiple stockists in the UK, US and Canada. Our copyrighted designs cannot be found elsewhere, and come paired with extraordinary messages unique to each collection.

Our designs are iconic yet elegant, they can be worn as stand-alone pieces, alternatively are discrete and versatile enough to be layered. 

Are you ready to experience magic?

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