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Seize Today | Cute A5 Desk Pad 


Magic happens when you write things down. This 50-page essential jotter pad is a desk staple. It will aid in achieving all that you set out for yourself. Sieze today, every day.


This desk pad will work miracles and ensure you make the most of every day. Approach:


1. Set a reward at the start i.e., I am looking forward to xxx
2. List the top three priorities based on urgency and importance
3. List all remaining tasks that need to be done but aren't urgent
4. Remember to hydrate 
5. Whenever you feel you need a mood boost - the mood booster section will remind you there are easy steps to take to uplift yourself immediately


This notepad/desk pad is truly the only to-do list you need! This pad comes with 50 easy-tear pages and a thick cardboard backing: Forest Alliance Sourced, Premium quality. 

Seize Today - Desk / Jotter Pad



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