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Power Morning | A5 Desk Pad 


Take a few minutes every morning to prepare yourself for the day ahead. This jotter contains easy-to-follow essential practices that can optimise your morning. 


Planner Approach:

Step 1: Set an intention - Setting intentions can set the tone and create a clear point of focus for the day ahead

Step 2: Hydrate - Dehydration is scientifically proven to impair cognitive performance, this jotter serves as a reminder to keep yourself hydrated

Step 3: Meditate / Visualise - Mediation helps us manage and regulate our emotions, creating a clear baseline to return to. Alternatively, visualisation helps us vividly imagine what we want to achieve from the day ahead 


Step 4: Gratitude - Reminding ourselves of our blessings uplifts us and puts us in a positive state of mind making us more resilient to stressors

Step 5: Affirm - Remind yourself of who you are or the vision of the person you see yourself being 

Step 6: Exercise - Stagnant energy creates a stagnant life, keep moving. Endorphins will work their magic

Step 7: Love to learn - Learning reminds us how agile we are. We are never too old to learn

Step 8:  Eureka - Capture your early morning ideas by writing them down


This pad comes with 50 easy-tear pages and a thick cardboard backing. Forest Alliance Sourced, Premium quality. 


Power Morning - Desk / Jotter Pad

  • - Size: A5 
    - 50 Easy-tear premium soft-touch pages (120gsm)
    - Sturdy cardboard Backing
    - Glue on the long side for extra stability  
    - All products are manufactured locally in the UK


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