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'Her bloom is extraordinary; it's eternal’. This Eternal Bloom™ 14K Gold Diamond Flower Necklace serves as a subtle reminder to trust and enjoy the process of your unfolding. Every day is an opportunity to be the best version of yourself - YOU are ETERNAL. 


This necklace contains a beautifully layered 14K solid Gold Diamond Flower, measuring approximately 14mm. Made using the finest ethically sourced 14K solid gold and 11 brilliant VVS natural diamonds. This necklace is adjustable between 15-16 inches ensuring it rests perfectly on your neck.


Lotus Flowers are spiritually significant for enlightenment, beauty, fertility, growth, and prosperity. Lotus flowers are unaffected by the murky water that may surround them, they continue to blossom to reveal the breathtaking beauty.  


Handmade with 14K Gold by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans © Design Copyrighted


BLOOMTINE Create the Perfect Gift Jewellery for Any Occasion. Gift this Pair of Studs to Someone You Absolutely Adore.


This necklace will beautifully adorn your neck with a radiant glow emitted from each of the 11 brilliant diamonds. Necklace size is adjustable between 15 and 16 inches, ensuring it sits perfectly for you. 


14K Yellow Gold

Flower approximately 14mm 

Round Diamond Clarity VVS1

15 - 16 Inch Chain

Conflict Free


Eternal Bloom™ 14K Gold Diamond Flower Necklace

    • Handmade by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans Exuding an Abundance of Love
    • Ethically Sourced Gold 
    • Finest Conflict Free Diamonds adhering to the Kimberly Process 


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