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We are filled with immense gratitude for being featured in TATLER'S May 2023 edition dedicated to Princess Margaret's Granddaughter

Tatler Magazine UK, an esteemed publication that sets the standard for luxury and style have featured us complimentarily as an exciting up-and-coming jewellery brand, on behalf of the entire team at BLOOMTINE we are honoured to be recognised.

Our team believes in the power of crafting well-intentioned jewellery that reflects the true essence of the wearer 'their celestial identity' as we term it! We are overjoyed that our hard work has been acknowledged by Tatler Magazine UK. This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our team towards crafting pieces that evoke emotions such as gratitude and creates cherished memories that bring about feelings of nostalgia.

At Bloomtine, our jewellery pieces are not just accessories, but they represent the love, care and appreciation that people feel towards their loved ones.

We understand that the gift of jewellery is a special one, and it requires the perfect combination of design, craftsmanship and messaging.

Being featured in Tatler Magazine UK is a momentous occasion for us, and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the publication and their readers. We will continue to strive towards excellence, offering the best gift jewellery options to our customers and delivering unparalleled service.

If you are looking for the best earth-angel inspired gift jewellery ever made we invite you to explore our collection at Bloomtine. Alternatively, find us online at Wolf and Badgers global marketplace

Lots of love,

Anastasia | Earth Angel HQ


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