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The Best Spiritually Charged Jewellery to Gift in 2023

Gifting jewellery can be one of the most heartfelt ways of conveying your appreciation for another. That said, we all know choosing the perfect gift can be perplexing. Fret not angels, we’ve created this short honest guide made up of our best-sellers (as purchased by our earth angels themselves). We’ve also included the spiritual significance of each piece to ensure you find something that resonates deeply with you or a loved one. Every spiritually awakened woman will absolutely adore an offering from below:

BLOOMTINE | Earth Angel Jewellery, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Hand Chain. Best Spiritual Jewellery. Elegant & The Perfect Gift
BLOOMTINE | Earth Angel Jewellery

#1 - Number one on our list is delicate but oh so charming! Our ‘Enchanting Flutterfly’ Butterfly Studs are dainty, elegant and versatile. Butterflies are revered for their graceful transition during metamorphosis. This process is spiritually significant as it represents the power of believing in your own transformation. If you or a loved one are constantly breaking old paradigms and gracefully working towards the highest version of yourself, these studs are for you.

#2 - Number two on our list is our breathtaking ‘Angel Wing Bangle’! Whether you’re a CEO of a global business, a stay-at-home mom, or a grad student, you will exude femininity, power and authority with this statement piece. Our angel wing bangle is spiritually significant as it serves as a reminder that you are an earth angel. Your vision for the new earth is so very clear in your mind's eye. This is the perfect gift for someone who is divinely protected, guided, and cherished. It’s never too late to gift her jewellery that will empower her.

#3 - Number three on our list is the absolutely iconic ‘Mini Halo Wings Choker’, one of the very first pieces of jewellery launched by BLOOMTINE. The halo radiates incessantly and is spiritually associated with divine light and wisdom. The wings sit effortlessly on the back of the choker and signify flying to new heights. When worn the halo is perfectly positioned under the suprasternal notch. It is a reminder that you are a wise, infinite being with the ability to reach new heights.

#4 - The fourth and final item on this short best-sellers list is our ‘Starset Banglet’. Stars spiritually signify abundance and prosperity. They're also seen as guiding lights, carrying with them the blessings of achievement and power. The 8 pointed stars on this bangle represent the ultimate number for wealth and stability - you are on the right path paved with abundance. What better gift to remind her there is only abundance in this universe for her?

Women have adorned themselves with jewellery for centuries as a symbol of power, protection or a representation of something they value and love. Spiritual, symbolic jewellery, therefore, is the best way to go. All of our jewellery is inspired by the divine feminine and conveys deep spiritual wisdom.

The aforementioned pieces are just some of the many spiritually adorned jewellery we have designed for our Earth Angels. Now you know where to look for jewellery that has a beautiful spiritual meaning and symbol attached to it. Remember to keep radiating incessantly angel xx


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