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A Goddess Guide: Empowered Women Who Laid the Path Before Us

Historically significant and ethereal, goddesses have been culturally present and worshipped in rituals, lore, and mythology. The Moirai or Fates were three sisters who, in Greek mythology, wove the fate of a person’s life, thus symbolising just how powerful a woman can be.

Our Earth Angels, and their Celestial Super Powers
Earth Angel Energy | BLOOMTINE

In this week's love letter to our community, we will explore these heavenly beings, their celestial powers, and their symbolism.

Throughout ancient times goddesses have taught us how to find our truest selves, by not denying the ability to feel deep emotion. Athena was born out of her father’s head with the wisdom only a woman is capable of possessing. Persephone loved the misunderstood ruler of Hell, Hades. No other being would be able to bend or awaken the human within a god or a monster like a woman.

Goddesses possess a divine feminine power that flows through them and is also stored in their weapons, symbols, or the jewellery they adorn. These powers are unique to goddesses because no man can own rage, love, wrath, or empathy like a heavenly feminine being. Hera or Juno, the wife of the ruler of the gods Zeus, had her celestial and ethereal power embodied in her golden diadem. This crown is said to symbolise her power and authority as the ultimate goddess ruler of them all.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and passion, derived her power from her magical girdle. Artemis or Diana, the goddess of hunting, childbirth, and the moon, wore a crescent moon crown symbolising her divine connection with the moon. The moon is often associated with menstrual cycles, purity, and healing. These heavenly feminine goddesses possessed powers within them but also stored them in jewellery and weapons, always armed. These were their divine symbols.

Your divine feminine energy always surrounds you, even if you might be unaware of it. With this powerful energy flow comes a gift that every woman possesses. All you need to do is connect with it, be your true self, and channel it. If you’re looking for a powerful symbol or jewellery (or as I like to call it, a modern-day feminine weapon), you can find it with Bloomtine Earth Angel’s ethereal jewellery.

As you call your power back to yourself and reclaim your divine feminine energy, we will connect you with the jewellery that will represent it for you. It can be your celestial symbol. Like Artemis, the huntress goddess, who would definitely love our ‘Enchanting Flutterfly’ butterfly studs. You could also go with a ‘Love Frequency’ diamond pendant, which I am sure would be Aphrodite’s top pick.

For me, Athena and Persephone have always been the goddesses I have loved learning more about. I feel connected to them in the sense that Persephone ruled the underworld with Hades but also was the goddess of spring. This signifies to me that a woman can quite literally do it all! And when it comes to Athena, she is the wisest of them all and the goddess of warfare. Her wisdom makes me feel closely connected to her. If I were to invoke a goddess, it would definitely be Athena with her boundless wisdom and strategic mind. She is a natural fighter.

Invoking these goddesses, regardless of their cultural origin, not limited to Greek or Roman mythology, has helped me get in touch with myself and my divine feminine energy. This divine feminine energy flowing through me allows me to be my higher self while healing, learning, and growing. Women are historically portrayed as fragile, docile, or damsels, to name a few things. However, when I read about these powerful goddesses from centuries ago, whose powers still scare men makes me believe I can do anything, and my divine power is boundless too.

If you are on your way to finding your higher self or connecting with your divine feminine power like me, BLOOMTINE is with you, supporting all Earth Angels!


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