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Anticipated Jewellery Trends of 2020

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

It's a new year, and the beginning of a new decade, if that wasn't enough both commence with the good fortune of double digits (pertinent to the numerologist among us).

For the sentimental consumer, mainstream jewellery trends seldom resonate on a deeper level, they serve as an aesthetic adornment as opposed to pieces that commend deeper appreciation. This lack of connection creates a culture of consumption for temporary adornment, as seldom is it meaningful enough to be kept, often jewellery is worn a few times before being put away or discarded all together. However, the more mindful among us have been seeking brands that offer unique stories, those we can connect with, where its very appearance instigates an imaginative adventure or nostalgia.

We've taken a view on what behaviours and trends to anticipate

As we live more authentic lives embracing feelings, more consumers will seek an emotional connection with their purchase. Long gone are the days when jewellery was just worn for fashion. The jewellery of the future will be multifunctional, story telling pieces that evoke emotions, nostalgia and are socially responsible.

Companies will place more importance on social impact, and creating unique experiences for the consumer more than ever before - it's about time we finally evolved to adopt changing world views and values.

Story telling will be such that revives history, connects us with nature, and promotes love. The significance of stories through symbolism is profound, we wear such symbols with pride to indicate a sense of association with such communities and what really matters to us. Stories specific to metals, precious and semi-precious, their origin, sourcing methods all count!

Despite the rise in demi-fine jewellery, there will a progressive shift to finer materials, synthetic diamonds and recycled precious metals.

With jewellery designers now offering jewellery using recycled pure metals, consumers will see the incentive of paying the additional few pounds to shift from demi-fine to fine jewellery, all with the added benefit of being socially responsible and durable, it's a win win really. This year you will truly sparkle with your choice of jewellery, choose pieces that add some umph to your outfit on a daily basis, and spark curiosity from those around you.

There will be a continuation in trends seen in 2019

There will be more playfulness and versatility following on from its success in 2019 with layering of necklaces, bracelets and stacking of rings . Layering encourages self expression, creativity and uniqueness. This trend is best suited to simple delicate pieces that allow the incorporation of mixed stones and metals to achieve a range of desired looks, from elegant through to bohemian styles. Why not make it uber unique with personalised engraved stacking?

While the option to stick to clear stones is always there, we can brace ourselves to see more jewellery using colourful stones and two tone metals. With the rise in vibrancy we will see more corals, yellows citrine and pink sapphires/rubies on delicate pieces. The most anticipated is the concoction of a range of colours to create the ultimate vibrate addition to your collection of jewels and gems.

Jewellery with a celestial commentary will continue to go strong

Celestial stories have always intrigued and fascinated us, from stories about the heavens to those of the stars in the cosmos. From Angels through to the sun and the stars. This is a mega trend which will be taking up permanent residence in the world of jewellery.


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