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A Sustainable Jewellery Gifting Guide by BLOOMTINE | Earth Angel HQ

Sustainable Jewellery Gifting Guide for the Awakened Conscious Consumer
Sustainable Jewellery Gifting Guide | Earth Angel HQ

At Bloomtine, taking care of our community of angels and our planet is a non-negotiable component of our value system. As a brand, we have taken various measures to ensure we use predominantly man made gemstones and salvaged silver, amongst other practises. We ensure that manufacturing of our jewellery does not harm the environment or support ill practices such as blood mining or sabotaging ecosystems.

We are committed to sustainability and conscious consumerism, so much so that all our materials are either grown in the lab or ethically sourced and sustainable. This ensures we adhere to the Kimberley Process when it comes to ethically mining stones.

You can shop with ease knowing that you or your angels will be adorned in jewellery from a brand that strives to create consciously, fitting your values and principles.

In line with the above, we have curated a list of their ethically sourced jewellery that makes for the perfect gift. These pieces are unique and can only be found in Bloomtine's exclusive and alluring collection. Follow the gifting guide below to learn more.

Angel Wing Bangle: Number one on the list of conscious jewellery has to be the charming Angel Wing bangle from Bloomtine. This piece uses moissanite and salvaged silver. To expand more on moissanite, it has become an increasingly popular alternative to diamond. It is lab-grown and therefore highly sustainable, with a highly refractive enchanting finish often compared to in hardness and brilliance to a diamond. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious angel in your life, this piece should definitely be at the top of your list.

Enhancing Flutterfly Studs: Bloomtine knows how to make alluring and ethical jewellery, and these studs are here to prove it. Made with lab-grown moissanite and salvaged silver, these studs make a charming and sustainable gift. These studs are made for all occasions and definitely worth it if you’re trying to leave an impression on that special someone. After all, who doesn’t love a consciously sourced and beautiful gift?

Halo Wings Bracelet: This elegant piece makes for a perfect gift for someone who loves to connect to their angel energy. A halo-wing bracelet can be an excellent reminder of the protection and beautiful energy a person radiates. To add on, they are also protecting our planet earth. This bracelet is made from lab-grown diamonds and salvaged silver; therefore, is free of any malpractices associated with sourcing diamonds.

Illumines Hand Chain: The gems in the chain are sustainably produced. This Illumines Hand chain makes for a charming gift for that special someone who loves to sparkle like the moissanites in this chain. This exquisite, handmade, and sustainable piece is hard to come by anywhere else but here.

Illumines Double Ear Cuff: Is there a person in your life who is radiant like no other? Do you want them to know this? With our sustainable yet equally alluring Illumines Double Ear Cuff, now you can tell your angel exactly how you feel. Gift them this extraordinary and rare find to let them know how much you appreciate them and the planet.

As responsible citizens and inhabitants of Mother Earth, it becomes our birth right to protect the place we dwell. Not only is it our duty, but it is extremely important to preserve this planet for posterity’s sake. It is now imperative to make a decision to shift to conscious consumerism, as it can lead to a much bigger social change in restoring our planet’s climate.

Bloomtine has taken a step forward by using salvaged silver, lab-grown diamonds, and moissanites and adhering to the guidelines of the Kimberly Process. Choosing to adopt a sustainable approach while shopping can go further than you could have imaged with Bloomtine.


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