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'It's as though the light inside her shines so bright it can no longer be contained within the confines of her body - she is magic'


This product is part of our sustainable range, and is engraved internally with 'You are Magic'. The moissanites in this ear cuff are sustainably produced, therefore conflict free and without the environmental impact associated with mining diamonds. This cuff will unabashedly refract light to create a mesmerising sparkle.


This token of magic is extremely durable and made to endure the test of time. Made using the finest 14K Gold Vermeil © Design Copyrighted. Handmade by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans. The perfect gift for any earth angel. 


The perfect gift for her. Sold Individually © Design Copyrighted

Illuminess™ 14K Single Ear Cuff

    • Handmade by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans Exuding an Abundance of Love
    • Salvaged Silver & 14K Vermeil 
    • Lab-Grown Moissionite 
    • Free Delivery 
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 
    • 1-Year Customer Warranty 
    • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty