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'Embrace Metamorphosis, Experience Extraordinary'. When you embrace your metamorphosis, you step into your higher self, you step into your extraordinary.


This collection is the epitome of elegance, it's stylish and expresses a depth of meaning. Butterflies are majestic creatures, they grace us without effort or intention, and the by-product is effortless admiration by the observer.


Make this your power piece or simply gift this ring to someone you feel embodies a butterflies spirit.


BLOOMTINE Create the Perfect Gift Jewellery for Any Occasion. Gift this ring to Someone You Absolutely Adore or Simply Celebrate Yourself © Design Copyrighted

Made using Sterling Silver and the Finest VVS Lab-grown Moissanite


*Note: This ring has been designed to be intricate, therefore is delicate

Enchanting Flutterfly™ 14K Trio Butterfly Eternity Ring

    • Handmade by Extraordinary Humans for Extraordinary Humans Exuding an Abundance of Love

    • Consciously Sourced Sterling Silver / Premium 14K Vermeil 

    • Premium VVS Lab-Grown Moissanite
    • Free Delivery (1-2 Working Days)

    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

    • 1-Year Customer Warranty 

    • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty


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