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Why Sustainable Super-Fine Jewellery is the Future

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Super-Fine jewellery is an investment. But what exactly is it? In short, it's dainty solid gold jewellery. It's a way of saying this 'resonates' with me, and wearing it provides a sneak preview into the secret story of your life (it's bound to last a lifetime!)

"Each piece of super-fine jewellery is the equivalent of the heading of a chapter. It provides insight into what the chapter holds, but only the writer truly knows the entire context"

With this in mind, stacking allows you to add chapters to your story, with additional sparkle and shine. You can always add more to what you're currently wearing, which further reinforces your patina and bold identity.

The beauty of stacking is it doesn't necessarily need to be done overnight! What you wear could serve as a reminder of stages, or occasions in your life when something meant a great deal to you, creating nostalgia just by the very look and feel of it.

"We should embrace super-fine jewellery as the forever piece that it really is."

Fine jewellery stays with you. This is most remarkable aspect of luxury. You can even pass down what you've collected as a heirloom or as an insight, as to what life may have install for those you gift it to. Trust your instincts, you'll know when and whom to pass it onto.

Super-fine Jewellery is extremely versatile, whether you're looking to add character to a casual look or add that final sparkle to that evening gown. Either way, rest assured it's sure to attract attention, there is something very special about the sparkle and shine precious stones and metals exude.

Super-Fine jewellery is no longer a one off purchase with your prospective partner

Over the years women have been increasingly treating themselves to fine jewellery, recognising it's that little bit nicer when you make a connection with a piece, and it becomes your signature.

Young working professionals increasingly seek jewellery that is durable, they do not want to think about plating fading, and whether they need to take time out to re-plate it! Precious metal can take the wear and tear of time. A gold-plated necklace will not wear nearly as well as a solid 22K to 10k gold peice.

Environmental impact and sustainability is a key driving factor

As we become increasingly mindful of our impact on our planet, we seek to do the right thing and reduce wastage. It's anticipated consumers will invest in one-off pieces that they will cherish for life. With the rise in retailers offering recycled gold and synthetic diamonds, it has never been easier.

Fashion as we all know goes through its phases, but you can rest assured a piece that is made from fine jewellery will be around when it comes back into fashion, if in the very rare occasion that it does not there is something extremely satisfying by saying this is a vintage piece that you've had for years.