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The Spiritual Significance of Stars

For centuries jewellery has been worn to serve as signs and symbols to affirm power, faith, love and more. The recent Coronation ceremony of King Charles is but one example.

In this post, we speak with Inbaal Honigman about the importance of signs and symbolism. See what she has to say below.


4-pointed star: A shape that aligns with balance, structure and power, the four-pointed star is not unlike the equal-armed cross. It brings to mind stability and routine, with financial success.

The number 4 is the definition of stability, like the four elements. The number 4 is the number of security, confidence and frankness. Four-sided shapes, and four-legged constructions are unshakeably solid. With the number 4 in your life, your blessings are those of plentiful work and a good routine. The qualities of strength, predictability and good habits will prevail.

Keywords for 4: Punctual, Organised, Rational.

Tarot: (IV) The Emperor - Powerful and in control, you call the shots.

Astrology: The 4th house represents the Family.

Planet: 4 is the Sun, rules the sign of Leo, the day of Sunday, element FIRE.


5-pointed star: A shape that kicks you out of your comfort zone, the five-pointed star has been associated with witches. It is linked with mystical powers, the law of attraction and manifesting.

The number 5 is about breaking boundaries, this is a number that calls on you to carve your own path. The number 5 is the number of curiosity and adaptability, looking for the next exciting thing. With the number 5 in your life, your blessings are those of fun, cheer and inventiveness. The qualities of beauty and belief in a happy ending will fill your home.

Keywords for 5: Dynamic, Adventurous, Charismatic

Tarot: (V) The Hierophant - Knowledge, Masculine Wisdom.

Astrology: The 5th house represents Pleasure.

Planet: 5 is Mercury, which rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, the day of Wednesday, element AIR and EARTH.


6-pointed star: A shape that is perfectly balanced and symmetrical, the six-pointed star is linked with success. Invoke it to bring stability into your life.

The number 6. This is perfection and completion. The number 6 represents the heart, and as such is the number of romance, trust and domestic happiness. With the number 6 in your life, your blessings are those of trust and charm. The qualities of unconditional love and nurturing are central.

Keywords for 6: Perfect, Complete, Domestic

Tarot: (VI) The Lovers - Harmony, Choices.

Astrology: The 6th house represents Health.

Planet: 6 is Venus, which rules the sign of Taurus and Libra, the day of Friday, element EARTH and AIR.


7-pointed star: A shape that is revered in many cultures, the seven-pointed star is a spiritual shape. Use it to make the impossible, possible.

The number 7. Here, you go deep. The number 7 is the number of analysing properly and thinking things through and of philosophical thinking. With the number 7 in your life, your blessings are those of growth and an obstacle-free life. The qualities of curiosity, spirituality and a thirst for knowledge will be important.

Keywords for 7: Intellectual, visionary, problem-solver

Tarot: (VII) The Chariot - Change is good, on your own terms.

Astrology: The 7th house represents Relationships.

Planet: 7 is the Moon, rules the sign of Cancer, the day of Monday, element WATER.


8-pointed star: A shape that doubles up all the blessings of the four-pointed star, the eight-pointed star represents wealth. It carries with it the blessings of achievement and power.

The number 8. The ultimate number for wealth and stability. Where the number four represents security and a solid financial base, you double it and get the number 8. Twice the economic potential. With the number 8 in your life, your blessings are those of magnetising money, investors and success. The qualities of achievement and goal-smashing are central.

Keywords for 8: Achiever, wealth, abundance

Tarot: (VIII) Strength - Power and fearlessness.

Astrology: The 8th house represents Sex and mysteries.

Planet: 8 is Saturn, which rules the sign of Capricorn and Aquarius, the day of Saturday, element EARTH and AIR.

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