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Bloomtine Botanics

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Have you ever glanced over the back of a skincare product and not been able to decipher the ingredients? If not, it's probably time you google a few. Why? Our skin is our largest organ, skincare products have the capacity to successfully pass through the upper dermal layers and be absorbed into the bloodstream, some sources have quoted absorption rates of 60%-70%.

Overpowering scents, exaggerated claims and fancy packaging can easily lead us astray. Most mass produced skincare products contain synthesised chemicals, that you would not ingested, let alone smother over your skin. Then why do we fall into the trap? Simply put the skincare industry is under regulated. Large false claims with absolutely tiny asterisked disclaimers pray on the most trusting of consumers. It's frankly unacceptable. Most commercial products contain artificial fragrances, petroleum derivatives and chemicals that damage the skin.

How are we different?

Less if more! We have stripped back to the basics in an effort to simplify the way you care for your skin. Finding your own balance will be an intuitive process, and this is exactly why we provide you with the raw products for you to adapt and personalise as required.

Bloomtine Botanics is as simple as the name, we use real botanics and strive for absolutely no synthesised additions. Nature is our bounty, in nature we thrive, nature offers us our healing, so why are we not using nature for skincare too? Pure, fresh and absolutely natural ingredients. Plants contain vibratory energies that are absolutely profound! Plants have taken millennia to evolve so why not trust them?

Rich in antioxidants, potent vitamins and minerals they are the true elixir of youth. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to ensure long term results, further layering botanics onto our skin reinforces and enhances the benefits. We combine ancient skincare rituals from around the world to create a potent concoction - exactly what happens when we collaborate and unite as humanity in any domain. From ancient science acquired from Indian Ayurvedic concepts to ancient Greek skincare secrets, we endeavour to reveal them all. This range will particularly resonate with those who believe in natures magic.

At Bloomtine we envision a very different world, one where truth, kindness, the good intention to serve each other is all pervading.

Can't ingest it? Then reject it!