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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Gemstones are adorned for more than just their aesthetic appeal. Different stones hold their own unique properties, meaning and power.

In ancient cultures they were worn for their healing properties alongside their aesthetic appeal. The deeper you delve the more is revealed, some stones are believed to boost energy, attract love and even protect you.

Below we have created a list of our favourite gemstones.

Blue & Yellow Apatite

Blue and yellow transparent glassy hexagonal crystals. This gem has been shown to psychologically increasing motivation and store energy reserves. It is thought to induce openness and social ease, encouraging extroversion. It has also been used to stimulate creativity and intellect. Apatite is an important source of phosphorous, a chemical used in matches.

Purple Amethyst

Purple transparent pointed crystals. Versatile suiting both gold and silver. Thought in Roman and Greek ancient belief systems to be extremely powerful, with strong healing and cleansing powers. Thought to mentally calm and focus the mind, enhancing memory, motivation and the assimilation of new ideas.

February stone.

Greeny Blue Aquamarine

Clear greeny blue opaque crystals much like the sea itself. The name alone alludes to the beauty of this gem. Thought to be a stone of courage, its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. In ancient times it was carried by sailors and talisman against drowning. This lovely gem symbolises health, and fidelity.

March Stone.

Black Onyx

Black marble like smooth appearance once polished looks extremely classy. Seldom is this stone not in trend with its continuous demand. Onyx is though to be a strength giving protector gem, it promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. It aids learning lessons imparting self confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings. It is also traditionally worn around the neck to support chastity.


Diamonds are the most durable and admired stones.They are associated with eternal love, joy and purity. Characterised by their cut, carat, colour and clarity, consequently they come in various forms. They are highly attractive and complement gold, silver and platinum.


Bright green, and widely adorn across cultures. Emerald is thought to open the heart chakra, inducing calm. It is also believed Egyptians would tie emeralds to mummies, which signified eternal youth.

May birthstone

Mother of Pearl

Found in oceans and rivers all around the world. This iridescent whiteish gold gemstone is thought to contains the gentle healing energy of the sea as it is thought to enhance personal integrity and provide focus.


This beautiful opaque yellowish green gemstone is thought to contain healing properties, regenerate tissue, and strengthening metabolism. It has been affiliated with protecting against nightmares.


Bright and transparent, a ruby is considered an excellent stone for reenergising. It is well known as a symbol of passion and divinity. physically the stone is thought to overcome exhaustion, but also calms hyperactivity.


This versatile gemstone comes in a variety of colours complementing an array of precious metals. Topaz is excellent for emotional support, it has the capacity to stabilise emotions and improve your receptivity to love from every source.


Turquoise is the oldest stone, worn predominantly by royalty. This is a prominent protection stone commonly know to protect against 'evil eyes', it is excellent for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks. Therefore, it is a healing stone that brings prosperity, good luck and wealth.


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