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A Beginner’s Guide to Adopting Rituals

The importance of maintaining a self-care ritual has been passed down for aeons. Recently, the need to incorporate rituals has resurfaced for reasons we are all too familiar with.

When performed correctly, rituals provide sanctuary and solace to consciously navigate the ebbs and flows of life. Below, we have listed a self-care ritual that will transform your day-to-day experience. This ritual will help ground you, and help navigate each day with ease.

So, what ritual can you commence? Number one on our list involves candles! Yes that's right, the most traditional ritual of lighting a candle. Candles, especially the wooden-wick candles that crackle to mimic the sound of an open fire, are extremely calming. The captivating colours, along with the magical rhythm of the flame, draw us in to be present in that very moment. If you need to focus your attention and return to your heart centre, lighting a candle will work wonders. If you’re looking to try something different, we have a range of candles that are paired with a mantra and prose. You can choose from our Aphrodite's La Fleur D'amour Candle, the Serendipity Initiation Candle, or the Abracadabra Incantation Candle. After you’ve done this, you can commence with breathing exercises, meditation, or journaling. If you’re looking for something to cleanse your aura, salt baths are great! These are a few of the many self-care starter rituals you can focus on as a beginner.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston have said that she starts her day by meditating, journaling, and walking her dogs; only after her morning ritual is over does she go on to check her phone. This provides her with a clearer mind and a positive attitude to start the day. I think this is a great way to begin your day by connecting with yourself and reality without the incessant presence of technology. Besides her, Selena Gomez, whom we all know as an advocate for mental health, has said multiple times that self-care leads to self-love. And she is totally right about that, as usual.

There is scientific backing when it comes to rituals. It has proven to provide people with a clearer mind that is more peaceful than those who don’t follow any sort of ritual in their day-to-day lives. These rituals we’re talking about don’t need to be strictly rooted in culture; you can create your own rituals as you go. do what suits you, you are the alchemist of your life make your own magic daily. Rituals are not only a way to express gratitude, but they also lead to self-love, a sense of belonging and purpose, and a greater sense of calmness. So, what better time than now to start new rituals for yourself? After all, you deserve it!


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